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Terra Deco sand painting effect

Decorative painting with sand effect, apply to flat brush and grain finish, with an elegant finish is achieved with a gritty feel. Sand effect paint Deco Terra is suitable for simulating exotic finishes in interior design, elegantly finished with shades and color transparencies. See Color Chart tab Download. See COLOUR CHART .

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Decorative painting with sand effect, apply to flat brush and grain finish, with an elegant finish is achieved with a gritty feel.

Key Properties

- Product ready for use.

- Ease of application <./ P>

- Excellent adhesion to the substrate.

- Wide range of colors.

- Good hiding power.

Recommended uses

Sand painting decorative effect is indicated to simulate exotic finishes in interior design, elegant finish with color shades and transparencies.

Suitable carriers for the use of this product are: drywall, plaster or similar.

Technical characteristics

- Performance: 8-12 m² / L per coat. (Approximate and as support and application mode). With a can of paint 2.5 L sand Terra Deco effect you can paint about 25 square meters.

- Layers: You can apply a single layer, depending on the desired effect can be applied more.

- Tools for application: flat brush.

- Dilution: The decorative painting effect Terra Deco sand comes ready for direct use without dilution. If it is considered too thick can be diluted with a maximum of 5% water.

Surface treatment

Application on new surfaces: They must be free of dust, clean, dry and free of salt efflorescence. It should anchor with a layer of good quality plastic paint before applying.

Application on old surfaces: in addition to the above considerations. When applied on painted surfaces, they must be sanded defective and cracked areas, fill and level these areas with proper putty. It should anchor with a layer of plastic paint before applying.

Application on surfaces with stains, grease and smoke first apply a coat of primer or sealer stain-blocking paint.


The colors are approximate and may vary depending on the computer screen being used.

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