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The online paint store born from the experience of over 20 years in the sale and advice of all kinds of decorative paints, wood treatments, protection of metals, industrial, etc. of PINTURAS DAMI-store located in the coastal town of Santa Pola in Alicante.

Here we present our physical store where we have more than 10,000 items that will introduce you to the online store slowly, so if you do not find an item on our website, please contact us via the contact tab, our email or phone +34 966 691 223.


Entrada de la tienda

1. The entrance to the store.

Vista general de la tienda

2. Overview of the store from the entrance. Floor paint is aSemi-gloss epoxy floortwo components in two colors, red (RAL 3003) and gray. It has been painted on a terrazzo, for it is the terrazzo with a sanding machine for sanding floors and applied an epoxy primer two special ceramic components. It was later finished with two coats of epoxy floors in these colors.

Vista general 2

3. Overview of the store from the counter. The lines marking the cargo area are painted withtwo polyurethane enamel upeforepistachio green color.

Zona escaparate

4. Discount showcase ZoneTitanlux White and Black,Oxirite White and Black,Sydney White and Black EnamelYMarine varnish Moype.

Zona Xylazel Aire Sano Ambientes Infantiles

5. ShelfAir Healthy Environments Xylazel Children. Special paint for children with incredible slate effect.

Sección Bellas Artes

6. Section BArts themTitan. Acrylics, oils, based latex paints, etc.

Vista Mostrador Pinturas Dami

7. View the store counter.

View Store

8. Another view of Dami Paintings desk. The counter-abutment seen in the previous image is covered with sheets of artificial stoneLamistone.

Sandpaper and Abrasives Section

Section 9. Lijas and Abrasives. Discs and sanding sheets grain from 40-2500.

High Decoration Section Tollens

10. SectionAlta DecorationTollens. We have all kinds of decorative effects such as ground effects, metallic effects, patina effects, glazes, etc.

Sección Papeles Pintados

11. Section Papers painted (not yet available online)

Section brushes and rollers

12. Section accessories and tools. Brushes, rollers, masking tape, plastic covers all

Section Banister

13.SBanister ection . The balustrades are ornamental elements of work and if not painted with suitable material can cause problems over time, first by the release agents they use to remove mold manufacturing (reduced adhesion) and later by the expansion and contraction suffering this type of item. The best paintings to accomplish this task are the Paint Mate Xylazel Banister and acrylic enamels Titanlux satin and polished. It is always advisable to apply a coat of acrylic fixative in order to improve the anchoring of the paint.

Paints Plastic Section

14. Section PPlastic inturass WhiteWhere you'll find all of our mates exterior, interior and matte satin all grades.

Sección Revestimientos Moype

15. Section Exterior coatings Moype. Moype coating is of very good quality and an even better price. All colors are stable to sun letter.

Sección Protectores de la Madera

16. Section CoversWood. Lasures solvent and water, matte, glossy and bright, varnishes indoor and outdoor, etc.

Section Nautical

17.SNautical ection . Primers 1 and 2 components, antifouling, paints, putty, low density, and more.

Sección Resinas

18. Section resins. Polyester Resin, Gelcoat, Epoxy Resin plus fibers.

Section Sprays

19.Spray Paints section. Primers, RAL colors, metallic, glues, varnishes, heat resistant, etc.

A Layer Section trays Titan

20. Section buckets Titan A Layer. The only bucket that really is painted on one hand. The result is amazing.

Sección Cubetas Infinit

21. Section trays Infinit. The washable paint market. Resistant to all kinds of stains.

Section trays Experiences

22. Section trays experiences. Buckets with a very good value.

Sección Pinturas Antioxidantes

23. SectionAntioxidants Paintings

. Oxirite antioxidants both water and solvent, shiny smooth, glossy, hammered, forge and metallic.

Sección Esmaltes al agua

24. Section Enamels water. EAcrylic T smalteitanlux,Titan enamel water Unilak, Acrylic enamel coloralp, etc.

Sección Disolventes

Section 25. Solvents and white spirits. Turpentine, universal solvent, solvent acrylic, solvent polyurethane, epoxy solvent, etc.

Sección Selladores, Masillas y colas

Section 26. sealers,puttiesand tails.

Section Dyes

27.SDyes ection . Water stains and dyes Universal.

Máquina tintométrica Titan

28. Titan tinting machine. With our machine Decoration and Industry tinting can do an infinite number of colors in all types of paints for decoration and plastic coatings, enamels solvent and water, etc., as well as glazes industry as two-component polyurethane enamels antioxidants, metallic paints, etc.

Envasadora de Sprays

29 packing machine sprays the packaging of sprays, spray injectedany color paintboth high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte.

Section Industry

30.Section Industryand paintings of the professional line.

Converters Industrial

31.CIndustrial onvertidoresused to make all kinds of colors with industrial pasta in all kinds of products such as epoxies floor, two-component polyurethanes both in gloss, satin and matte glazes fast drying high gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte painting acrylic floor, bilayer funds monolayer high solids acrylic paint and high gloss, etc.

Sección Lacas

32. Section lacquers. Polyurethane coating two components both white and transparent and in different degrees of brightness 5, 10, 20, 35, 40, 60, 80. You can make any color of the RAL and NCS.

Pastas Colorantes Industriales

33. Stirrer pasta industrial dyes. These color pastes are used to make thousands of colors in combination with industrial converters.

Maletín de cartas de colores para industria

34. Case of color charts for industry. With this case you can perform more than 6,000 colors, because each letter has more300 colors. All these colors can be performed on any product industry as epoxy floor, two-component polyurethanes both in gloss, satin and matte glazes fast drying high gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte acrylic paint for floors, funds bilayer, monolayer high solids acrylic paint and high gloss, etc. The last letter is a letter of metallic.

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