Titan Biolux 15l Titan Plastic Paint

Biolux 15l Titan Plastic Paint Titan

Biolux 15l Titan Plastic Paint Titan

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Plastic paint of acrylic styrene for the decoration and protection of facades and mortar monolayer. With matt white finish.


Plastic paint of acrylic styrene for the decoration and protection of facades and mortar monolayer. With matt white finish

Technical data

  • Nature: Acrylic Styrene
  • Finish: Mate
  • Color (UNE 48073): White
  • Density (UNE EN ISO 2811): 1.54 - 1.60 Kg / l
  • Performance: 3 - 8 m2 / l
  • Drying at 23ºC 60% RH (UNE 48301): 30 - 60 minutes
  • Repainted at 23ºC 60% RH (UNE 48283): 6 - 8 hours
  • Application methods: Brush, Roller and Gun
  • Thinner: Water
  • Application conditions, HR 80% + 10ºC - +30ºC.
  • Do not apply with rain forecast in the next hours.
  • Dyeing: TITAN Universal Tint and Professional Water Tint
  • Solid Volume (UNE 48090): 43 - 44%
  • VOC (UNE EN 11890-2) 2004/42 / IIA (c) (75/40) Max. VOC 18g / l

How to use

General recommendations:

Stir well in the container. The surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry and consistent.


At temperatures below 7º C.

With relative humidity greater than or equal to 80%.

With foresight ón of rain in the next hours. If these instructions are not respected, the result of the application may not be satisfactory, stains of different colors may appear, tearing (snail slime, etc.). Industrias TITAN, SA will not accept any claim that has not taken into account these instructions. Pay special attention to those dark colors, because some of them are more susceptible to the occurrence of the above-mentioned phenomena, reason for more to observe the indicated indications and precautions.

text-align: justify; ">Unprepared surfaces:

On surfaces in good condition: apply a first layer diluted with 10 - 15% of water, applying a second layer undiluted. On surfaces in poor condition: clean all affected areas, removing all material that is not well adhered and consistent, cleaning all dirt and dust that might have p>

To consolidate substrate and homogenize porosity or on tempera paints, glue, lime or on surfaces where they have been removed: it is advisable to apply in:

Interior: a first layer of Water Fixer A19 or Water Sealer A18 according to the indications of their respective technical specifications.

Exterior: a first layer of Fixative D13 or Water Fixative A16 according to the indicationsof their respective technical sheets. p>

Maintenance of painted surfaces in good condition:Directly apply the previously washed or brushed paint, diluting the first layer with 10 - 15% water, then apply the second layer as is.

Maintenance of painted surfaces in poor condition:Completely remove the old paints and proceed as on unprepared surfaces.

* If you want more information about this product, you can download its technical sheet in the tab "ATTACHMENTS"
Data sheet
Kind of product:
Finishing paint or final coat
Degree of Brightness
Theoretical yield per hand (m2 / L):
Number of recommended hands:
Dry to Touch at 23ºC and 60% RH
30 - 60 min
Time for repainting at 23ºC and 60% RH
6 - 8 hours
Diluent / Cleaning:
Type Application:
By brush, roller or gun
Place of application
Interior and Exterior
Paint Wood
Primer Sealer or Multipurpose
Paint Pladur
Paint Plaster or Putty
Paint Concrete or Cement
Paint Already Painted Surfaces
Directly without sanding
Danger for transport:
Innocuous, without restrictions
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