Titan Tint to water 50 ml Titanlux

50 ml water based dye Titanlux

50 ml water based dye Titanlux

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  • Selected color: 404-Ochre
  • Selected color: 401-Black
  • Selected color: 403-Blue
  • Selected color: 427-Dark Green
  • Selected color: 456-Brown
  • Selected color: 402-Yellow
  • Selected color: 405-Vermilion
Selected color: 404-Ochre
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Concentrated dye for dyeing paints, plastic paints. High concentration and compatibility It is recommended to perform a previous test.


Concentrated dye to stain paints plastic paints. High concentration and compatibility. A pre-test is recommended.

Technical data

Density (UNE EN ISO 2811-1) 1.00 - 2.00 Kg / l (depending on color)

How to use


Shake before using. Maximum amount of mix, 5% by volume. Do not use directly without mixing with paints. Incorporate vigorously into the paint if possible with a mechanical stirrer.


Before using the product, carefully read the instructions on the package. For more information see Safety Data Sheet. Store containers tightly closed away from sources of heat and sub-zero temperature. Conservation: 36 months in original unopened container.

Waste management: Follow local legal regulations. Help protect the environment, do not dump waste down the drain, dispose of it at the nearest recycling center. Calculate the amount of product you will need and this will avoid waste and extra cost. Store the leftover product well stored for a new use.

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