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manufacturer of wood and metal treatments

manufacturer of wood and metal treatments

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Versatile and highly penetrating oil that can be used alone or as an additive to paint. When used alone, it provides a tough, flexible finish by removing excess moisture and air; displacing the rusty metal, and thus slowing oxidation. Added to any oil based paint or alkyd, it provides a longer and smoother opening.

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POLYTROL is a renewal of metals, plastics, marble, fiberglass. Restores the original color. It does not contain silicone and is a strong penetrating oil that restores the original finish and appearance of many materials. It provides a durable, tough and flexible finish, restoring the color and brightness that have disappeared due to exposure to sun and rain.

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PREPDECK® paint stripper / cleaner is a professional product of superior quality specially designed to remove old solid and semi-transparent stains, classification marks and other wood finishes. Diluted becomes a powerful cleaner that removes dirt and other contaminants from the surface, it is also an easy and quick means of removing glaze from new wood.