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Accessory ADAPTER SPRAYS designed to fit in the upper part of the spray and be able to paint as a "gun". It allows to adapt on any type of FullDip spray and paint in a more comfortable way, avoiding the characteristic fatigue of the index finger when applying a large amount of product.

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Single-sided adhesive tapes with silicone paper liner used to cover cracks and join plasterboards or plaster. It is used for large cracks after which application is necessary putty and then paint p>

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Ideal accessory kit for enameling both water and solvent composed of:

  • Large plastic container with 16 liters capacity with 2 handles and grid
  • Nylon Antigota Roll of 22 cm and 50mm diameter
  • Triple plate of number 30. li>
  • Bodybuilder tape of 48 mm. li>
  • Standard cover sheet 4m x 5m