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Support plate for sanding machines with a diameter of 150 mm and adhesion by velcro. The plate comes with the 15-hole system for optimum dust extraction. The plate comes with several adapters to be compatible with various systems on the market such as 3M Eléctrica, 3M Elite, Festo, Rupes and Indasa.

VAT included
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Professional full painted kit. Ideal for painting in hardware, metal and decoration. The kit includes: Paint gunof gravity CLASSIC LUX, version 1.80, nozzle 40. Light and versatile gun, highly reliable. Inflator- CLASSIC I pressure tester, high strength and precision. Sprayerof liquids, oil-driller CLASSIC P1 with capacity of 1 L tank. Made of aluminum and with metal nozzle. Adjustable flow. Blow gunCLASSIC S1 with metal nozzle and body built in aluminum.