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Titan Acrylic Enamel Shiny Titanlux Colors

Acrylic Enamel Bright colors Titanlux

Water enamel gloss finish Titanlux, Abrasion resistant, highly washable, odorless. No yellow over time as synthetic enamels. Suitable for wood, gypsum, iron and masonry. It dilute with water. See color chart on DOWNLOAD tab.

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The enamel is a glaze water Titanlux easily applied, with good flatness and abrasion resistance, incorporating Silcurane. The main advantages are the following: Washable, odorless, non-yellowing enamel Titanlux water can be used both indoors and outdoors, is suitable for wood, plaster, iron and masonry can be used on doors, windows, walls, radiators, furniture, etc., in the home, schools, clinics, hotels, etc.

Balustrade with Enamel Acrylic paint

The balustrades are elements of very complicated work of painting in which not all paints are used for this purpose. The acrylic enamel is ideal for this application because of its high elasticity and hardness (no cracks and plastic paints) as well as its high washability product. As acrylic does not yellow over time like other glazes. The balustrades are formed using silicone molds and mold release and often this silicone is embedded being a point where the paint does not adhere well. To avoid this, if the balustrade is new is desirable to apply a fixative to promote anchorage acrylic enamel, then 2 coats of finish with acrylic enamel. When the rail is already painted and the paint is not properly attached, it is best to scrape and sand the pintura old, apply an acrylic fixative and then 2 coats of acrylic enamel.

Technical characteristics

-Performance: 12 to 14.5 m² / Lt per coat (Approximate) <./ P>


*Interior ending in 1 or 2 coats thick layer without overworking.

*Outside:finish with 2 or 3 hands in thick layer without overworking.

-Useful: Brush, roller or spray gun.

Surface treatment

Application unprepared surfaces

-Wood:Sand the wood in the direction of the grain, clean thoroughly, remove resins or resin secretions and kill sharp edges. Apply primer sealer as needed.

-Iron:First apply Main ElectrOolitic . Working outdoors two coats of primer are necessary. Indoors, one layer is sufficient.

Application on painted surfaces in good condition: washing, sand lightly and directly apply 1 or 2 coats of enamel water Titanlux.

Application on painted surfaces in poor condition: completely remove and proceed as in new areas.

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Data sheet
Kind of product:
Finishing paint or final coat
Degree of Brightness
Theoretical yield per hand (m2 / L):
Number of recommended hands:
Sanding between layers
It is not necessary
Dry to Touch at 23ºC and 60% RH
30 - 60 min
Time for repainting at 23ºC and 60% RH
6 - 8 h
Diluent / Cleaning:
Number of Components
1 component
Type Application:
By brush, roller or gun
Place of application
Interior and Exterior
Paint Iron or Steel
Synthetic, Antioxidant or Multipurpose Primer
Paint Aluminum, Brass or Copper
Multipurpose Primer
Paint Wood
Paint Galvanized Steel
Galvanized or Multipurpose Primer
Paint Already Painted Surfaces
A smooth sanding and painting directly
Danger for transport:
Innocuous, without restrictions
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