Titan Yacht Bright marine varnish Titan Yacht

Titan bright marine varnish Yacht

Titan bright marine varnish Yacht

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Heyacht marine varnish Titan bright finishIt is suitable for the protection and decoration of wood in marine and freshwater saline environments. It features UV filters which give added protection against the sun. Dry by oxidation and has a high gloss retention.


Hemarine varnishTitan Yate is a synthetic gloss varnish suitable for the protection and decoration of wood in marine and freshwater saline environments. It features UV filters which give greater protection against the sun.

Main properties of marine varnish Titan Yate

• Long resistance and durability.

• Drying by oxidation.

• Increased resistance in marine and freshwater environments.

• High gloss retention

• hardness and elasticity.

• Wear resistant.

• Ease of application.

Recommended uses

It is especially suitable for coating wood in recreational boating, fishing and other constructions in coastal areas or in high humidity environments.

Technical characteristics

-Performance: 14-18 m² / Lt (depending on the material where applicable).

-Useful: Brush, roller or spray.

-Dilución: See product bulletin.

Surface treatment

New wood Application: Span>Dilute the first layer with 20-30% Solvent for Synthetic. Sanding between coats. Finish with 2-3 coats of marine varnish Titan Yacht. If you need more protection against fungi and wood-eating insects that can damage the wood is advisable to apply one or two coats of Span>Xylazel Fund.Tropical Timber applypreviously Span>Exotic Wood primer .

Application and varnished wood Span>In addition to the foregoing, sand the surface and apply a coat of varnish diluted to 5%. If the varnish chipped submit, should be removed with a varnish removers and then proceed as if it were new wood. If the nature of the previous varnish is unknown it should make a preliminary test to check the compatibility between them.

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Data sheet
Kind of product:
Finishing paint or final coat
Degree of Brightness
Theoretical yield per hand (m2 / L):
Number of recommended hands:
Sanding between layers
It is not necessary
Dry to Touch at 23ºC and 60% RH
6 - 7 h
Time for repainting at 23ºC and 60% RH
24 h
Diluent / Cleaning:
Pure turpentine
Number of Components
1 component
Type Application:
With brush or roller
Place of application
Only Exterior
Paint Wood
Tapaporos Fund
Paint Already Painted Surfaces
A smooth sanding and painting directly
Danger for transport:
Prohibited Air Transportation
Technical Titan 9

Technical Varnish Titan Marino Yacht

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