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Phosphochromative primer of 1 c. of excellent adhesion on Steel. On Aluminum or Zinc plated we recommend previous proof. Its fast drying, its recointability with all kinds of finishes in wet-on-wet processes orients this product to those markets that require speed in the process. Suitable for Machine Tool, Industrial Bodywork, usable as a shop primer for its resistance to oxidation. Resistance is obtained in Salt fog of up to 300 hours when it is coated with PUR finishes. It can be dried at temperatures of 160ºC. It is weldable and does not give off toxic fumes.

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Acrylic varnish of 2 components to perform partial repairs with Bi-layer Systems. It stands out for its resistance to scratching, gasoline and good behavior to the exterior, as well as for its speed of drying and leveling. The finish that is achieved is the same as with conventional 2 c varnishes. of use with a gun. It has a deposit in the lower part that when activated mixes the two components to apply the varnish.

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Adhesion promoter for a wide variety of plastic parts in the automotive sector. garden furniture or other hard plastic objects. Applicable on the following types: PP, PUR, PS, PA, PP-EPDM, ABS, PVC, GRP, PC. It is suitable in the application of patches and / or small surfaces. It is very easy to apply and allows high adhesion power on the indicated substrates. The VOC content is 754 g / l (2004/42 / CE) IIB (E) (840).