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Accessory ADAPTER SPRAYS designed to fit in the upper part of the spray and be able to paint as a "gun". It allows to adapt on any type of FullDip spray and paint in a more comfortable way, avoiding the characteristic fatigue of the index finger when applying a large amount of product.

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Professional full painted kit. Ideal for painting in hardware, metal and decoration. The kit includes: Paint gunof gravity CLASSIC LUX, version 1.80, nozzle 40. Light and versatile gun, highly reliable. Inflator- CLASSIC I pressure tester, high strength and precision. Sprayerof liquids, oil-driller CLASSIC P1 with capacity of 1 L tank. Made of aluminum and with metal nozzle. Adjustable flow. Blow gunCLASSIC S1 with metal nozzle and body built in aluminum.

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Spray able to produce an extinguishing foam apt to put out fires in its beginnings before it becomes an uncontrollable sinister. It can also be used effectively to extinguish fires of solids (paper, cardboard, cloth, wood, plastic, etc.) due to its high wetting power, hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, solvents, etc.), polar liquids (acetone, ethanol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl ether, etc.) and electrical up to 35,000V.