Xylazel Oxirite smooth 10 bright colors

Oxirite smooth shiny 10 years colors

Oxirite smooth shiny 10 years colors

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Selected color: Magnolia
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Oxirite smooth smooth 10 years is an antioxidant enamel that can be applied directly to iron or steel surfaces, whether new or rusted, without the need for any previous primer. Provides excellent corrosion protection and an attractive smooth smooth finish. For interior or exterior.


Oxirite smooth smooth 10 years is an antioxidant enamel that can be applied directly to iron or steel surfaces, whether new or rusted, without the need for any prior primer. Provides excellent corrosion protection and an attractive smooth smooth finish. For interior or exterior

Oxirite antioxidant paint characteristics

Smooth shiny finish.

Direct application on metal, without primer.

It is effective even directly on rusty surfaces, simply by removing loose oxide particles.

With Oxirite the working times are extremely fast. Successive coats can be applied as early as 1 hour, so jobs that take much longer with conventional paints can be performed in a single day.

Using Oxirite brings significant savings in time and labor.

Oxirite is very easy to apply. It is thixotropic and does not drip. Leveling and coverage are excellent.

Great hardness and resistance to shocks and abrasion.

Technical data

Density at 20º C → 1.15 ± 0.2 g / ml, depending on the color.

Viscosity: Thixotropic

Temperature resistance: Once cured, it resists an intermittent temperature of - 20 ° C to 150 ° C. Continuously, the film can withstand up to 80 ° C.

Chemical resistance: Once cured, it resists splashing of acids and alkalis with a maximum concentration of 10%. It also resists gasoline, diesel, grease, etc.

Fields of application

Ferrous metal surfaces. On other types of non-ferrous surfaces, Oxirite Multisurface Antioxidant Primer needs to be applied.


Oxirite dries quickly, so that each coat can be applied after 1 hour of the previous one. It is important to plan the painting so that between two coats no more than 8 hours pass. After 8 hours, Oxirite cures for 2 weeks. While the curing lasts, no more paint should be applied, as the protective layer would not form correctly.


New Surfaces: Surfaces must be dry, degreased, and free of loose oxide and calamine. On new surfaces without roughness, it is recommended to sand before painting. If the surfaces are galvanized iron, it is advisable to previously apply Xylazel Metal Galvanized Primer. This primer produces a chemical reaction on the galvanized surface, transforming the shiny surface into a blackish surface, which allows a good adhesion of the paint. On zinc, copper, aluminum and other metals (also on galvanized metal), for a good adhesion, Xylazel Metal Multi-Stick Primer can be applied. Oxirite is even applied to wood and plastic, seeking an aesthetic result. In these cases, the surface must be dry, clean and degreased. In wood, it is advisable to protect it against fungi and insects with a previous primer, and in plastic or PVC it ​​is recommended to sand it superficially for better adherence.

Painted Surfaces: Oxirite is compatible with most paints. However, in repaints where the previous type of finish is unknown, it is advisable to carry out an adhesion test. Apply on clean and dry surfaces, degreased and free of loose oxide and calamine. If the surface is rusted, there is no need to remove embedded rust or paint. It is enough to sand to remove loose particles of rust or paint, and the mill scale (calamine). If there are areas of corrosion on the surface, it must be scraped with a metal brush or an emery abrasive until all the loose rust is removed. St-2 grade (UNEEN-ISO 12944-4).

How to use

Stir from the bottom up until obtaining a homogeneous color. For good antioxidant protection, apply at least two coats. The product can be applied by brush, brush, spray gun or short hair roller. In corners, and where water may be trapped, an additional coat is recommended.

Relative air humidity: Less than 85%, so that condensation does not occur on the metal.

Brush application: In brush application, the paint should not be diluted. It should be removed slightly and gently, so as not to break the thixotropic structure.

Roller application: In roller application, it is recommended to use a short pile wool one, since other types of rollers may not be suitable. Paint the edges first, and complete the application with the roller.

Spray application: Conventional spray or airbrush system, apply 3 or 4 coats, with a pressure of 1.8 to 2 kg / cm², with an interval of 15 minutes between coat and coat. With airless system apply with a pressure of 170 to 200 kg / cm², with an interval of 60 minutes between layers. Use a 375 to 500 micron nozzle. To adjust the application viscosity on metallic elements that are painted outside buildings and related structures, it can be diluted with Oxirite Solvent.

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Data sheet
Kind of product:
Antioxidant finish without primer
Degree of Brightness
Theoretical yield per hand (m2 / L):
Number of recommended hands:
Sanding between layers
It is not necessary
Dry to Touch at 23ºC and 60% RH
1 hour
Time for repainting at 23ºC and 60% RH
From 1 h and before 8 h. After 8 hours you have to wait 2 weeks
Diluent / Cleaning:
Specific Solvent
Number of Components
1 component
Type Application:
By brush, roller or gun
Place of application
Interior and Exterior
Paint Iron or Steel
Paint Aluminum, Brass or Copper
Multipurpose Primer
Paint Wood
Paint Galvanized Steel
Galvanized or Multipurpose Primer
Paint Already Painted Surfaces
A smooth sanding and painting directly
Danger for transport:
Prohibited Air Transportation
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